Monday, 6 July 2009

The Strokes Present Jacket Trend Forcasting

The Jacket Cycle, also known as the Outer-Wearess Cycle, attempts to explain the continuous cycle of trends in jacket fashion. This world of jackets consist of blazers, jean jackets, military jackets, bombers, and biker jackets. It just so happens that The Strokes are trackers of these rotating looks. All of the jackets mentioned are classics and will always be in style no matter what the trends are, but usually one of them triumphs over the others and is declared the dominate jacket of the moment.

For spring/summer 2009, studies have shown hipsters are attracted to the denim jackets, so we can safely conclude that we are at the "Fabrizio Stage". Despite the circular chart, it is difficult to accurately forecast when each jacket will dominate. In between stages, blazers usually make a comeback. For example, blazers came out of hibernation after last year's motorcycle jacket trend and if everything goes accordingly, fall\winter 2009 runways will have us seeing blazers in the near future.

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