Friday, 3 July 2009

Fabulous examples of Canadian Tuxedos

On Canada's Day evening we dressed up in our best hoser gear, packed up our scarborough suitcases, and headed to the Habourfront to watch The Constantines and Chad VanGaalen.

Tie: Denim belt found in somebody's basement
Vest: Stole jacket from Dad then deconstructed it
Shirt: Denim blouse from Mom
Jeans: H&M boy's skinny jeans, $25
Shoes: Denim Ked rip-offs from Zellars, $10

Flannel shirt a.k.a the alternate Canadian tuxedo jacket: From Value Village
Denim sleeveless blouse: From Mom's closet
Denim mini skirt: From Goodwill by way of Old Navy, $5
Black tights: From the dollar store, $1
Work boots: Vintage

The Constantines @ The Harbourfront Centre
Hey, those are not CANADIAN tuxedos!  
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Will knows better. Stenciled Canada flag on the chest and all. 
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Here's a better look at Will's Canadian tuxedo from their New York show the day before. Luckily, he had on the exact same outfit.
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A shout out to Kanye West for celebrating Canada's Day with us.

More shout outs to Ian Blurton...
...and The Outsiders.

Happy belated Canada's Day from Bob and Doug MacKenzie.

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