Sunday, 7 June 2009

Darwin is Racist toward Redheads

Did you know that the natural redhead will go extinct in a few hundred years? It's true according to a certain pharmaceutical corporation. But for now, it only makes logical sense that the resurgence of 1990's nostalgia everywhere will bring back every other person having some sort of red hair. Hence, our list of best redheads ever:

10. Lindsay Lohan because we had to put her on the list. Really, how could we not?

9. Axel Rose... wasn't he blonde?

8. Shirley Manson (Garbage)/ Miki Berenyi (Lush). Same style, same 90's post-grunge female singer thing, same ranking.

7. Johnny Rotten's hair was actually orange, but John Lydon's hair was red. Unfortunately, no one gives a bollock about John Lydon.

6. Josh Homme is the only badass celebrity redhead (who doesn't make me want to laugh).

5. Neko Case because she's Neko Case.

4. Rent Boy a.k.a Ewan Mcgregor.

3. Angela Chase a.k.a. Claire Danes. Remember when Jordan Catalano wrote a song called "Red,"and Angela thought it was about her because of her dyed red hair; but it was actually about Jordan's red convertible car?

2. Molly Ringwald/Danny Bonaduce. When you thought of redheads, you know one of them crossed your mind.

1. Henry VIII. Stubborn, hot-tempered, and promiscuous -- he created every redhead stereotype.

Honourable Mentions:

Melissa Auf de Maur

Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead)

Vincent van Gogh

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