Thursday, 23 July 2009

Elvis Sighting

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Tough economic times mean no more soft feet: Crocs go bankrupt

Peter Forsberg, the Al Bundy of Crocs,
says goodbye to another stable job.

Crocs are going out of business, finally!  Not only are Crocs the ugliest footwear to have ever existed, their virtually indestructible design made it unnecessary for customers to buy a second pair.

Now, if only regular people bought different coloured Crocs to match their every outfit like celebrities do, Crocs wouldn't be in all this mess.  In tribute to the fallen shoe company, we bring you some their greatest hits (or misses):

Brook Shields in her comfy Crocs and mumu combo.
I wonder if she will be wearing this hot pink number to the Emmy's?

The ever so classy Mr. Morgan Freeman looking swell in his 
Canadian tuxedo complete with Canadian made Crocs.

Jared Leto at a fashion show, glaming
it up in a pair of silver Crocs.

We like to poke fun because Crocs are so damn ugly, but while researching the brand we came across their list of 10 reasons to wear them:

1. Incredibly light and comfortable to wear (they weigh only ounces & even float!)
2. Made from a super soft material that molds to your feet.
3. Non-marking soles
4. Extremely slip resistant.
5. Anti-microbial means no odor. Say good-bye to smelly shoes.
6. Can be sterilized in bleach and H2O.
7. Easy to clean and renew to original luster.
8. Advanced toe box ventilation system keeps feet cool & dry while also allowing sand, air, water & debris to pass through.
9. Ergonomic Italian styling is the ultimate In orthopedic health.
10. They're cool! Get a grip.

Goddamnit! Now we secretly wonder what they would feel like on our feet.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I went on Etsy and all I got was this stupid T-shirt

Finally! Our Etsy store is up and running. We will put up a bunch of D.I.Y. screen printed T-shirts tomorrow and in the next few days we should have up some vintage pieces. Check us out at

Friday, 10 July 2009

Friday Consumption Guilty Pleasures

Michael Jackson Dress by Jean Charles de Castelbajac

Soda pop nails

Oscar the Grouch sneakers by New Balance

Thursday, 9 July 2009

A very awesome blog

Best "What I Wore" blog ever:

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Suri Cruise is the Cat's Meow

Zebra Scarf: Headband from the dollar store
 Grave Digger T-shirt: Value Village
Zebra Pants: From some granny wear surplus store I can't recall the name of
Neon Sneakers: Ardene

Suri Cruise's First Poop.

Here's a link to Suri Cruise's fashion blog:
Child exploitation or adorable outfits?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tandem Bicycling with Bad Brains Sneakers On

Shoes: Surpreme x Bad Brains by Vans
Socks: Joe Fresh
Everything else: Vintage

Monday, 6 July 2009

The Strokes Present Jacket Trend Forcasting

The Jacket Cycle, also known as the Outer-Wearess Cycle, attempts to explain the continuous cycle of trends in jacket fashion. This world of jackets consist of blazers, jean jackets, military jackets, bombers, and biker jackets. It just so happens that The Strokes are trackers of these rotating looks. All of the jackets mentioned are classics and will always be in style no matter what the trends are, but usually one of them triumphs over the others and is declared the dominate jacket of the moment.

For spring/summer 2009, studies have shown hipsters are attracted to the denim jackets, so we can safely conclude that we are at the "Fabrizio Stage". Despite the circular chart, it is difficult to accurately forecast when each jacket will dominate. In between stages, blazers usually make a comeback. For example, blazers came out of hibernation after last year's motorcycle jacket trend and if everything goes accordingly, fall\winter 2009 runways will have us seeing blazers in the near future.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Fabulous examples of Canadian Tuxedos

On Canada's Day evening we dressed up in our best hoser gear, packed up our scarborough suitcases, and headed to the Habourfront to watch The Constantines and Chad VanGaalen.

Tie: Denim belt found in somebody's basement
Vest: Stole jacket from Dad then deconstructed it
Shirt: Denim blouse from Mom
Jeans: H&M boy's skinny jeans, $25
Shoes: Denim Ked rip-offs from Zellars, $10

Flannel shirt a.k.a the alternate Canadian tuxedo jacket: From Value Village
Denim sleeveless blouse: From Mom's closet
Denim mini skirt: From Goodwill by way of Old Navy, $5
Black tights: From the dollar store, $1
Work boots: Vintage

The Constantines @ The Harbourfront Centre
Hey, those are not CANADIAN tuxedos!  
Photo source:

Will knows better. Stenciled Canada flag on the chest and all. 
Photo source:

Here's a better look at Will's Canadian tuxedo from their New York show the day before. Luckily, he had on the exact same outfit.
Photo source:

A shout out to Kanye West for celebrating Canada's Day with us.

More shout outs to Ian Blurton...
...and The Outsiders.

Happy belated Canada's Day from Bob and Doug MacKenzie.